Written on August 22, 2022

Organize Your Job Search with Jackfruit’s Job Tracker

Organize Your Job Search with Jackfruit’s Job Tracker

We Know The Job Search Sucks

It’s no secret that finding a job can be a long and laborious process. According to Zippia, it takes 21 to 80 applications to receive one job offer, and the average job seeker spends about 11 hours each week sourcing and submitting their applications.

Not to mention, most applicants use up to 16 sources during their hunt. Unfortunately, when you’re shuffling through so many search channels, it’s hard to understand where you stand and you risk letting incredible opportunities fall off your radar.

Jackfruit Makes It Easier!

Jackfruit is a career development platform that helps you stay in control of your recruitment and networking efforts. Leverage our job tracker, informational resources and likeminded community to get on top of your job search. 

Here’s How Jackfruit Can Help You Land That Dream Job

1. Organize Your Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolio and any other job search-related documents in one place.

The job search begins with the perfect resume and cover letter. Once you’ve honed them to perfection, save these files on your Jackfruit account, so you’re not endlessly searching your desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox for the right document when you need it.

On the Jackfruit web app, store all of your cover letters, portfolio work and tailored resumes in one place: the Documents tab. Seamlessly upload all job search-related documents by selecting the Upload New Document button on the upper right. Download, delete and rename them as you need.

2. Identify and Save the Right Opportunities For You

Once you have your documents in place, the next step is finding the right opportunities for you. Easily save applications you’re interested in across the web with 1 click, thanks to the Jackfruit Chrome extension. Or, manually add them to your Jackfruit account.

  • Add Applications with the Jackfruit Chrome extension: Say you're searching for jobs and find an interesting position, but want to prepare more or collect other listings before filling out their questionnaire. Click the Jackfruit Chrome extension icon on the upper right of your browser to auto-save the job details to your Jackfruit account and return to the application at a later date in Jackfruit’s Applications tab.

To use the extension, make sure to allow Jackfruit pop-ups in your browser. 
⁠(To access your Chrome settings, enter chrome://settings/content/popups in your browser)

  • Add Jobs Manually: Save jobs, like those you’ve already applied to or told of by word of mouth, by simply clicking the Add New Application button on the upper right of your Applications page and manually entering in the job details.

3. Start Applying

If you’re feeling irked by the amount of repetition involved in sending applications, remember that you’re not alone. In fact, 60% of job seekers quit their application halfway through, since they’re tired of reiterating the same information that’s listed on their resume. There is, however, an easier way of inputting work experiences…

Auto-fill your professional information so you no longer need to fill out your background every time you apply to a role. 

On the upper right of your sidebar, click your Profile icon, which has your initials. At the bottom of the page, select the Add Other Details button. Quickly enter your education details and work experiences, then answer common questions like whether you’re authorized to work in the U.S. etc and you’re all set.

Next time you’re asked to enter these details, click the Jackfruit Chrome extension icon on the upper right of your Chrome browser, choose Fill Application and these details will automatically populate the bulk of the job application form!

4. Never Miss a Deadline

Find yourself missing deadlines all the time? We’ll remind you a day in advance to complete your saved applications, so you never have to worry about missing apply-by dates again!

5. Keep Track of Job Applications and Activities

View all your applications in one place on the Applications tab. Click the Edit button within an application to modify their status: saved, applied, interviewing or interviewed. This will help you understand your progress and quickly identify which applications you still have on deck.

Click into each application to plan and document application-related Activities, like calls, coffee chats, interviews and more, that you’ve scheduled with a prospective employer or networking contact.

Click Add Activity to add activity details such as date, time, contact and notes for an application related activity. To record time-sensitive tasks that are more specific, like “Personalize Cover Letter,” “Reply to Dan’s email” or “Ask Amy for a Reference,” classify the activity as ‘Other’ and assign a helpful name and date.

6. Don’t Forget to Network!

Research states that 80% of jobs are landed through networking. So, make use of your Network tab - which is essentially a networking tracker - to organize your relationships with professionals and their respective companies. Store all your networking contacts in one place and record your contact-related Activities as you reach out. 

Add contacts or target companies by switching between tabs on the Network tab on your Jackfruit account. 

Within each contact, add your contact specific activities - calls, coffee chats, interviews, and notes.

View a running list of contacts you’ve recently interacted with—and those who you should follow up with right on your Jackfruit homepage.

7. Take Notes

Record notes for every application, activity, contact and company that you save on Jackfruit. Whether you’re inputting highlights from an email transcript, a personal thought after an interview or a drafted follow-up message, it’s a great way to organize miscellaneous information and organize your job search.

There are also a bunch of note-taking opportunities on your home page. For instance, you can record tasks in a To-Do List, so that no goal falls to the wayside. Some common ones might be, “Select Writing Samples” or “Update My Website.”

If you’re a visual learner…

Be sure to check out Jackfruit’s walkthrough video or shoot us an email with any questions or suggestions you may have.

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